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Name: hassan
From: dewsbury-uk
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R.I.P M.J .You will be missed
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Name: Jen McNeil
From: Australia
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Dear family and friends of Michael,
he was your treasure. I know that I treasured him too. Such a burning light in human form is rare to see. He was a unlimited and unconditionally loving spirit who shined. A manifestation of God. We all knew that intuitively. When the soul returns to God, it remerges and spreads through all other souls via love. I am sure you have also amazed by the unprecedented human response to his passing- In a brilliant flash of light and love, he is now in all of us, constantly and eternally. Cherish the gift he now gives you as his love, warm inside you, merged with you.

To his beautiful children, his light and playfulness is in your eyes. When you look in the mirror, dont be sad, see his cheeky playfulness and be just like him. Think of your beautiful innocent sweet father as someone you can always look up to. What a wonderful role model. He wanted you to be free from the burdens of constant scrutiny and expectation. What an awesome dad. As you grow up and start to understand him better, you be the men and women that he showed you how to be. You be his examples of how to live.

Why did he have to go now? He just gave so much for so long. When someone loves others as deeply as he did, and gave of himself as much as he did, he just had no more to give. He gave more than his spirit, mind and body could.

For his beautiful adult siblings, he was persecuted by society because he was as close to a Godspirit as you can be. Humans less evolved dont understand undconditional love. And they get threatened by it. Jesus was tortured for being unconditionally loving and so was Michael.

If anything, I hope that humanity realises its huge mistake - not to take such a gift for granted ever again.

My prayers are with you. My unconditional love is for you.
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Name: tracy evans
From: australia
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Micheal you have been my insipation to music and dancng since i was a young child.you may not be here but your music will live forever. my cousins dancing in her grave because she will be with you now. she was your biggest fan. love you forever.
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Name: Mara
From: Italy - Milan
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Nonostante le tue pazzie "salutiste",
Nonostante le voci mai dimostrate selle tue perversioni sessuali,
C'è una cosa assolutamente indiscutibile:
Forse di tutta la storia della musica dopo Mozart.
Le tue canzoni e la tua danza rimarranno per sempre nella storia.
E nel mio cuore!
Spero che ora tu trovi quella pace e serenità che non hai mai trovato su questo mondo.
Grazie Jacko, ci mancherai!
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Name: christa
From: Indonesia
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This time I want to share my deepest feelings... I want to share my experience that I feel since one of the leaders of the music pop and my idol had died. Precisely when The King of Pop Michael Jackson dies .. when he’s at the age of 50 years old. Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29 1958 .. and died on June 25 2009 precisely at 2:26 pm Los Angeles, USA time (PT)..... or 26 June 2009 at dawn in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jacko is one person who is very inspired in my life although he’s life sometimes so sad ... sometimes I figure out why there’s someone so rich like him and so famous.. but had a life that even more sad than I have .. all the things that make me more emotionally grief of his death. The Mega Star, The Late Pop Star, THE KING OF POP, THE GREATEST POP MUSIC LEGEND, all the titles and all the achievements during his life that bewitched me and also the World.

I was very grief when I heard that sad news ... I can’t possibly imagine that happens .. I was grown up with his music.. by adore him so much..
Few days later I’m still mourning about Jacko... especially when I know that he was converted ... I also know the news that he has been embrace Islam since 22 November 2008. Then followed by changes his name to Mikaeel Jackson.. Mikaeel known as name of an angel in Islam religion. Immediately after getting the news then i share it with my friends on the social networking site Facebook .. they are very impressed about Michael Jackson converted.
Since listening to the songs that rumors said it’s have Jacko voice (Give Thanks to Allah).. ... I feel more sad than ever because of his death ... if he’s really a muslim… not even a year yet when he embraced Islam, and he had no time enough to experience some beautiful Ramadan ..

Since that time I only remembered him as The Greatest Entertainer The World Has Ever Known... even his life had coloured by so many sad stories .. because he’d lost his childhood for entertainment world, often receive rough treatment from his father, often accused for molestation of children, lose his beloved Lisa Marie Prisley by divorce, living in a quiet life and greedy peoples want to take advantages by accused him for something he didn’t do... So much burdens in his shoulders by being a superstar.. he always entertain people, generous, loving with children, and always want to make other people happy ....
We all love you Michael Jackson ... and will always remembered you forever .. through your music ... your achievements during the time of your life ... and your dreams about happiness for the world, especially for children.

Heal The World is one of my favorite song ... everytime I heard this song .. more often tears fall down my cheeks.. because many of us do not understand how happiness when we are child can not be replaced by anything in this world ... even if now we can buy the world for instance, childhood memories will be eternal ... so if its filled with sadness, fear, and misery .. the trauma will last forever ... and may be distructed .... physical injury may be healed ... but the inner wounds will never heal… forever .... always sad when I heard this song .. and I know that I am not alone with just hear this song ….
Hei .. Jacko .. and all those children and those adults who ever had bad experienced in our lives, do not be sad .. because You Are Not Alone…

On the night of June 30 2009, almost five days after the death of Jacko .. I dream of him... soon after I was pray for him before I go to sleep…
This is the story of my dream about Jacko after his death:

'I was alone walking in the desert .. a very quiet desert and I do not know where there is .... No one person .. and I see a very long high way along that barren desert… and I stand on that road ... and then from the opposite direction I saw a black car limousine through approaching from a distance ... then momentarily the limousine stopped not far in front of me ... someone out from that limousine and I’m dazzle in front of Michael Jackson .. he looks very shining .. his appearances exactly same as when he did his last rehearsal at Staples Center, California.
I still dazzled and do not know what to say ... he use the military style jacket with colors of gold and white with shining face ... looks very clean and presentable ... and then he opened his black glasses and wind blows his black curly hair ..... then he smiled at me ....
A moment later I heard voice calling his name Michael from a distance .. but soon I realized that the pronunciation of his name is ... Mikaeel.. that voices call him Mikaeel ... Mikaeel ... repeatedly .... And right then he look towards the sound that call him ... it seems that sound is coming from far behind me .... and not long after that, I’m awakened from my sleep .... still in bed.. try to figure out that seems like a very long dream...

After having a dream that was very weird .. I think .. do I really met him as a spirit….. its still a question to me now ... ..
But I know it was a dream ... I believe that he is happy now in the afterlife, in peace that he never get over his life, and because of that dream.. I believe his 100% a Muslim. That he is indeed has been embraced Islam .. and died as a Muslim. But no matter what his religion or his faith.. only God knows….
Now.. what can I do only pray for his soul… may Allah be with you Michael.. always.. we’ll missed you so much..

I will remembered him from his music that will live forever, known by his fans all over the world .. who always believe that he is someone who is clean from all the accusations about him ... his innocent and that he is a very good man as a person, a very loving father, a very generous man, a hero for the world, a very talented man that will never be replaced during the period… he is irreplaceable beyond now and forever more…

As the anonymous says:

"Everyman is Mortal ... nothing last forever except our deeds" ...

For Michael childrens .. May you get the love, caring and protection from Allah. Because prayer from an orphan could knock the heavens door .. I hope you all can grow up into persons that will make your father proud .. and still continue to bless and give prayer to your father in the afterlife….

Good Bye Michael Jackson ... you will always live in our hearts forever .. we always love you and we’ll missed you so much... May Allah give you peace now in Neverland Paradise, and we all will meet you again someday…Amen ....
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jessica
From: Holland
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Dear Michael.

I just wanne thank you for being such a good person.
You did so much good for so many people and children,animals and nature!
Live was not fair to you,i am sorry for the pain you must have felt.
You did not disurve that!

Now spread your wings and fly,fly into you"re freedom and be realy like Peter Pan!
Shine a light on us so we keep doing good and heal the world and make it a beter place.
We must keep looking at the man in the miror and make a chance.
But for now we al cry at the same time!

You"re comeback is here Michael,everybody listen to you"re songs again.

My condolances for the Jackson familie,especialy his children,and everyone who realy loved him!

Whit a lot of respect and love from Holland!
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Name: name withheld
From: UK
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I love you, but i hate myself for predicting your death.....on the same day as you died and before that day and other days before that, in the morning i wanted to go on the bbc website.....but i was tooooooooo scared cause i have funny feelings you were dead or going to die but then later my brother told me you were dead, never wanted to believe, sadly it turned out true.....didn't know what to make out of it, but after it hurted..... you are the king, the peter pan of music cause your music will never die you are a legend.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bex
From: Liverpool
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Marv
From: Addison, Illinois
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Rest in peace Michael for now you are set free from all of the mud slung by the haters over the years. Find Your place in Heaven and enjoy.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Sharon Grant
From: New York
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I love you Michael Jackson!
I'll miss you Michael Jackson!
thank you for your wonderful music
thank you for being you
I'll never forget you,
rest in peace my friend
you'll always be my muse!
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